The Seven Kingdoms

A thousand years ago, the Dragon Wars ended with the founding of the Seven Kingdoms. The kingdoms prospered in peace and stability for centuries, ruled by the wearers of the seven Iron Crowns. Then, one by one, the Kingdoms decayed and fell; most of the crowns are lost, all the kingdoms are a shadow of their former unity.

In what was the Kingdom of Tanis, a century of banditry and lawlessness has started to fade. The trade town of Astalar has grown into a booming city, and the University of Astalar has become a center for those seeking to rediscover the glory of the older times.

Professor Phineas discovered a reference to the location of the tomb of King Corkadus, the fourteenth king of Tanis. A team of young scholars and explorers was sent out to examine what remains, copy any inscriptions, and determine if a more careful excavation would be worth doing.

Beyond anyone’s expectations, they find the tomb largely intact and unmolested…


Law versus Freedom, Stability vs Creativity, History vs. Truth.

Quest of the Iron Crown