Quest of the Iron Crown

First session

Players Rohan, Eli and Ben.

While waiting for Eli, Rohan, Ben, Tristan and Mike played a game of Munchkin. Mike won.

Ben chose the human Ranger, Pieter Viest, and chose the background “Well Travelled”

Rohan chose the elven Warlord, Carridoc, with the background “Secret Society”

Eli chose the half-even Rogue, Samm, with the background “True Love”

After hearing some background on the Seven Kingdoms and King Corkadus, they headed north. They were ambushed by an elven archer and two human bandits, which they defeated. They found 30gp.

When they got to the canyon the tomb was supposed to be in, they discovered a door in the canyon wall, about 40 feet up. Using their skills, and some rope, they managed to make it in the door. In the burial chamber, a statue failed to animate (it seemed damaged by fire), but a pack of Kruthic young and hatchlings did defend the tomb. A zebrawood box stood at the foot of the coffin, with it’s lid burnt off. Inside was an Iron Crown. On the coffin was the following inscription:

Here I lie, King Corkados, son of Alvar, son of Firiman, the victor of The battle of Gozur, the builder of the bridge at Araly and the Great Temple of Nender. I have known the easy path of glory, but have taken the hard choice of defeat. I divorced the crown of Tanis, to wed the people of Tanis. The hard road leads to sweeter things.

After losing a game of Rock-Paper-Scisors, Eli put on the crown. He took it off and stated that it would only work for the true heir of Tanis, and that it was important that it be taken to him.

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